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Novel Emiss, Elegant S shape e cigarette.

Emiss New


FunctionOutput voltage3.7V output if battery voltage≥3.7V 
Max. smoke extraction time10sHold the button for 10s. The outputturns off and the LED indicator blinks
Stand by current≤5μA 
Overcurrent protectionWhen the discharge current exceeds 205A, the output turns off and the LED indictor blinks 
Button LED blinkingBlue or 3-color indicator 
End-off voltage3.2V 
Charger requirementStandard charge current

Input:DC 5V 500mA

Output:4.2V 420mA

Approved wire charger for eMiss (0.67C)


a.eMiss is specially designed if curve and convenient version of replace atomizer core.

   The eMiss cartridge is transparent with no filler, huge capacity, big vapor, easy and convenient to use.

b.The unique changeable atomizer core, which can provide more option for your vapor experiences.

   The atomizer can be replaced for wax atomzier core and its own atomzier core.

c.It's huge vapor 650mah battery enables over standard 800 puffs.  

Complete set contains

1pc x eMiss Cartomizer
1pc x eMiss Battery
1pc x eMiss wall charger
1pc x eMiss USB Cable
1pc x eMiss User Manual

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