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       Bring Novel Technology for Health​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​               


Professional OEM Branding Service helps build your own BRAND

Novel OEM Branding Policy

Some customsers are always wondering, is possible for you to help us if we want to build up our own brand?


Novel has full experience of helping customers build up their own brand.



1.OEM Gift Box

You can get the gift box with OEM as long as the order is 500+ kits. It's no problem to put your logo on the gift box or make full new design on it or even change the style of the gift box to make it exclusive for you only.

2. OEM Ego Case

You can get the Ego Case with OEM as long as the order is 500+ kits. You can have your own logo or new design on the Ego Case.

3. OEM Battery

You can get your logo on the battery as long as the order is 300+ pcs per color of battery.

4. OEM Atomizer, USB and Adaptor

You can get your single color logo on the atomizer or USB or adaptor as long as your order on each is 1000+ pcs

5. OEM Disposable E Cigarette

You can get your logo on the disposable e cigarette as long as your order is 3000+ per design.

You can get the display box with OEM as long as your order covers 500+ display boxes.

6. OEM Big Mod

You can get your logo lased on the big mod body as long as your order is 300+ per color.

7. Development on Special E Cigarette

You can also ask us to help you develop an unique e cigarette that you have sample or ideas.

We will talk in details about the way of cooperation.

OEM Examples


OEM Gift Box

OEM Ego Case


OEM Battery

OEM Atomizer, USB  


OEM Disposable E Cigarette


OEM Display Box

OEM Big Mod


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