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Responsible Warranty Policy to Maintain Fair and Safe Business

Novel Warranty Policy

Quality Control

a.All the materials will be checked by IQC carefully to make sure the defected ratio is kept to minimum.

b.All the production process will be checked by IPQC to make sure the production process is correct     

   and is under control.

c.All the products will be checked before packing to make sure the goods customers receive are of     

    high quality.

Warranty Period

3 Months for all e cigarettes/e vaporizers and accessories.

2 Years for e juice/e liquid.

Warranty Terms


Products defects or problems caused by Novel instead customers instead of customers.

If the defects or problems are caused by any of the following conditions, Novel will be exempt of responsibility

a.Defects or problems that are caused by customers rather than Novel.

b.Defects or problems that are caused by irresistible natural disasters,war or any other irresistible 


c.If defects or problems are caused by a 3rd party, Novel has the responsibility to help customers limit 

  and recover the loss.


When customers receive the products and find any product defects or problems,they are supposed to imform Novel immediately to make sure it'll not exceed warranty period.

If the defect ratio is under 2%, it's a normal defect ratio. Customers are supposed to provide pictures, text, and even video to show Novel's customer service staff the problem. And replacements will be sent to customers in the next order.

If the defect ratio is over 2% or the problem is serios, it's an abnormal defect ratio. Customers are supposed to provide pictures, text, and videos to show Novel the problems. And those defected products are supposed to send back to Novel for repair. If the repaired products are still not up to the standard, customers have the right to claim a refund.

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